Movie Picks of the Year

Hope everyone enjoyed the Golden Globes on Sunday! What were people’s favorites this year? Here’s my top ten (in no particular order):
Life of Pi
Les Miz
Zero Dark Forty
Promised Land
The Impossible
A Royal Affair

Be sure to head over to for all the latest on movies/theatre/and everything else!

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Reinforce Positive Behavior!

Hi Guys and Gals and All Readers,

Today June 30th, 2012 tons is happening around here at WOR. The phones are ringing and the advice is being given. The more I work here the more I realize how many people go through the same up’s and down’s in life. It is eye opening to listen to callers on a regular basis and compare and contrast how people share so many of the same isbsues. It is inspiring to work with Dr. Joy because her advice is so readily available and spot on! Today we are talking about how to fight the heat, Joys spa trip parental issues and more!

Our first question that came up today was, How do people cope In the heat? Well on our show we give you plenty of tips to use. First off, short sleeves and less clothing is a MUST and drink as much water as possible! Do not take small kids our even pets out it is just simply too hot. The heat is uncomfortable and can be dangerous! Personally, I agree with Dr. Joy that when it comes to the heat most people can seem sluggish and irritable and I am the first to admit I am one of them. It is always stressful to deal with the heat especially when you are sensitive to the sun, that is why I always wear a hat and spf 50! After we discussed our morning topics a caller named Edward asked Joy a weight related question. This gentleman had unintentionally offended a family member on weight too much, not thinking this was a big deal. I think family problems are quit hard to fix and it really depends on the people and situation. There was an interesting dynamic on the next few calls which is all about parents and kids.

The second caller talked about how his eldest daughter refuses to speak to him and feels that his ex wife is unfairly discussing him when he is not around. The following caller, Marissa is an eighth grade girl age 14 who called stressing about her upcoming dance. She was scared she will feel left out from her group of friends at school. Joy advises that all of us have bad days where we don’t feel great it is common. The answer is to not let it bother you, do something else like dance, call a friend, run a mile do something that reminds you that you are okay and will eventually be okay. There are always options we never have to turn everything down. Today is the day to reinforce positive behavior!

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Bowling with Dr. Joy!

On todays show Joy decided to tell us a super fun story about her bowling adventure! A wonderful friend of Joy’s was visiting her this weekend in Manhattan. It was her friends birthday, so she wanted to do something fun and special for her. Joy decided to go to a restaurant near the studio that has the worlds best lobster salad! This particular lobster is on a delicious bed of lettuce with very little mayo. Sadly when Joy and her friend showed up to the restaurant her favorite waiter was nowhere in site and the establishment itself was completely jammed! To top it all off, they are out of lobster so frustrating for those two gals! After waiting and waiting forever to get their food (because it is restaurant week) the two girls were off to the terracotta exhibit that is associated with the discovery channel. Some of the statues were from 2000 BCE, extremely fascinating. Dr. Joy Browne highly recommends seeing it and going with friends and family. After the restaurant and exhibit the gals were off for a little shopping at Daffney’s and then for the main event of the evening, bowling! Joy wanted to do something fun that with her friend that nobody else had done with her. Joy explains that they not only had a ton of fun but she ended up beating her friend in a game of bowling with 2 spares and a strike! The fancy bowling alley had themes such as Coney Island and China Town venues for each lane. This is a hip bowling alley that was incredibly expensive but nonetheless so much fun! This story sure makes me want to go tonight! Bowling can be so much fun if you go with friends or people you care about. There is something about feeling silly, wearing someone elses shoes and eating greasy bowling food that can make a really great and special night!

My favorite call of the day was Dawson who called to discuss his little brother who is only the age of 15 has been dating a 24 year old woman. Dr. Joy understands Dawson’s brothers point of view but she does not condone it. Dr. Joy think that Dawson should warn his brother and to make sure that he uses a condom. Dr. Joy believes that the two issues are that you can desensitize your love life and condoms are an absolute must. After the call, Joy talks about a caller who wrote a book called the randy granny, her whole thing was that this older woman started having sex with her friends son who was 18 years old and continued to have sex with young men, this was very interesting considering the call was taken in Boston which in some ways is very liberal and other ways conservative! We should give a copy to Dawsons younger brother for a little insight!

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Real Estate Frustrations!

Wow wow wow! So lets talk about yesterdays show and the chaotic problems that people shared on Dr. Joy Browne show! As we picked up each call we noticed a trend, everyone is trying to save a buck or two! Sarah our first caller who seemed sincerely distressed and upset called to talk about her frustration with New York City real estate. This is such a hot discussion right now because as a recent college graduate  which many of you know, most of my friends and peers are in NYC searching and searching for places to live. Right now the NYC market is extremely difficult and rentals are even harder to find! Sarah called explaining that she is upset and feels that she can not trust anyone in the real estate business in NYC and it is starting to hurt her personal life. Sarah told Dr. Joy that she has become extremely anxious and worried about everything going on because of her real estate issues. This is something that many of us are going through, the best advice is to remain calm and be patient AND find a trusting roommate if you have to live with another person.
Our next caller had a discussion about Groupons and how he frequently takes his wife out for dinner with another couple. Groupons are huge discounts that you can get online—usually 50-90% off—with popular businesses and are greatly used in restaurants. The caller stated that his wife always insists on treating the other couple constantly and doesn’t even ask her spouse if this is okay with him. The caller whose name was Charles was frustrated because it is his money and this is not what he chooses to do with it but feels pressured by his wife nonstop. Dr. Joy thinks that while the Groupon is a great idea it is important for couples to be somewhat financially independent from one another always just in case of scenarios like this!
Well thats it for today! Thought I would share my favorite calls from yesterday with yall! Hope everyone has a great week!
Xo intern Erica

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Intern Experiences

Hey Guys and Gals,
Just thought I would check in with you guys to discuss how my internship at WOR is going thus far! I know when I ask my close friends about what they are up to I prefer an insane amount of detail.. maybe too much.  So I figure, I will walk you through a typical day at WOR and working with Dr. Joy Browne because I know I would curious too! Every morning I wake up around 7 and take the train to work, I am usually content on the train listening to music and drinking my iced coffee. When I arrive at the office I am pleasantly greeted by my co-workers and the lovely Dr. Joy. It is so exciting sitting with the producers and Dr Joy looking over current events and discussing what is important to talk about on the show. It is definitely a surreal feeling coming from college into the media/radio world. After we talk for a bit, everyone heads to the studio which is such a blast! I sit in the studio with my headphones, learn how to talk calls, help our producers out with whatever they need and take notes for the blog!

It is so interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes here because when you are a listener you have no clue how much hard work and time goes into making a quality show! One of my favorite parts though I must admit is listening to all of you guys call in! It is amazing how many people share similar issues from all over the country- we really are all very alike. I absolutely love the culture and environment here and so far the biggest thrill other then working with Dr. Joy was seeing Joan Rivers!

Xo Intern Erica

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Birds and the Bees!

On last thursdays show Dr. Joy discusses parents tips and what makes parenting slightly easier! As someone who does not plan to have kids for a very long time, I am still very interested in how people relate to small children and how to care for them properly. It is amazing to me how once you become a parent you become so selfless and so in love with your own child. A lot of people including Dr. Joy are in favor of bribery, if you can convince your kid that you will give them something in return for doing something “good” it is an excellent way to get what you need from your child. Positive reinforcement is a tool that many parents should use in the future with there own children. Also, Dr. Joy explains that kids do not care so much about what you tell them its the face time and the consistency that they care about, basically showing up and being a parent. Dr.Joy thinks that the clues are not necessarily magic they are more sensible type of tips! As for callers today on the show we have a lot to talk/hear about! An interesting call came up today where a mother explained “my daughter refuses to talk about sex with me and she refuses to listen, we talk about everything else but she can not deal with sex talk.” Dr. Joy states that her daughter sounds manipulative and strong willed but to not let this sex issue go because something could be an underlying issue, communication is key. There could be something bigger so this mother needs to deal with it now or figure out if her daughter is just her being cutesy and silly. William then called to discuss an interesting question about sex.. “I was wondering if there is a difference between having sex or making love?” For most of us the idea is that it is something more then organ pleasure it has to be more, and it can be based on the person you connect with. Love and sex, so complicated! Lastly, Ginger called to discuss how to make more friendships with other woman who share the same feelings as she does, the problem is that she enjoys a dialogue not monologues! Ginger does not want to listen to other woman rant and rave all day long but she does want friendships. Ginger felt that her and a specific woman have a lot in common but she just talks so much however she does want to give this woman a shot! Dr. Joy explains to simply be more aggressive and share your feelings in the conversation and to not get discouraged. XO intern Erica

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Father know’s best!!

Good Morning All! It is a hot summers day and suddenly we have discovered that being cranky is becoming fashionable and trendy on these hot summer days! Everyone lighten up and enjoy the flowers! Lets start the show! Our first caller on today’s show has a fifteen year old son whose grades were not as good as they could be according to his mother and father. His father stresses that he has a lack of effort and poor attitude toward school which is the opposite of how his father and mother were throughout there education. He changed schools a few months ago and suddenly he has been getting c’s during his freshman year of high school. The perception of how this young fifteen year old is doing is off, it seems as though english and global history should be easier for him but his parents see he is doing poorly. This kid has not been doing his homework and has a low tolerance for frustration and blames the teachers. This is something I can very much relate to! In middle school I was not a good student, I had a hard time focusing in class but what the caller should recognize is that over time people can grow and change, also when other students start discussing colleges and there futures the will to do better in school really kicks in! Our following topic on the show was the debate on Tom and Katie and there daughter, Suri Cruise. Suri is this famous couples daughter, she brings up a lot of issues such as fame, divorce, religion and the complications that both entail and weigh on a marriage which can obviously lead to divorce. Another interesting call that came up today was Jack. Although he has an older daughter in her forties she made him uncomfortable by asking if her thirty something year old boyfriend could sleep over, making the people around them somewhat uncomfortable. Dr. Joy gave very straight forward and helpful advice which was to simple tell his daughter that her significant other can drive back home and that making his grandkid uncomfortable was simply not an option! Lastly, a hot topic today was the discussion on who should pay for the first date. Personally, I agree with Joy whoever calls and invites the person out should be the one who is voluntarily willing to pay happily! I have to say I do love a first date it can all be so exciting. Boy, today’s show definitly has its highlights! From the divorce of Tom and Katie to understanding children in and out of school settings. Much more to learn and talk about tomorrow!  Xo Intern Erica

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Bird’s the Word

Hi Listeners! Today we start the show by discussing Joy’s experience birding in central park! It was very exciting to hear that a sport like this goes on in such a vibrant urban city like Manhattan and interesting creatures can be seen everywhere. After discussing a little bit about her weekend, Joy then leads into a story where she was unexpectedly shot at by a young child who was attempting to shoot squirrels and she heard a zing! This zing turned out to be a gun shot, I was shocked when I heard this story about Joy.  I could never imagine being in such a frightening and awful predicament. Of course Joy handled it like a champ! After this alarming story Joy had a caller discuss how her husband spent the night out of the house and maybe with another woman. Joy explained that marriage is a poinsettia and that we can not let our marriages die by not giving them the proper attention they need. We need to go out on weekly dates with our significant others to keep the spice alive. Even over the weekend whisper in his or hers ear and take them somewhere sexy and wonderful, Joy suggests. While this spicy call ended a new interesting and dramatic call came through. A confident personal trainer from a gym called to explain that his client who he is very close to is being abused by her husband and is unsure how to help her or approach the situation. The caller explains “I would like to reach out to her but I do not know how”  Dr. Joy explains that the caller can tell his friend/client that he called Dr.Joy on the radio in a confidential fashion and just wants her to be okay and to possibly call a hotline that may help her situation. It is important to not be too aggressive or come off in a judgmental way. Today’s show was exciting and covered a ton of topics that many people can relate to on a ton of levels! Xo Erica the intern

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Refreshed after a cruise to Bermuda

The great part about going a cruise is how it completely immerses you into another world. I can compare it to going and getting pampered at a spa or salon. Being someone who is always on the go; always amidst the rat race in New York City, I can truly appreciate the seclusion of being out on the open seas. I was so fortunate that the weeks sandwiching my vacation were filled with rainy weather in Bermuda, but there was nothing but clear skies the week I was there!

It certainly helps that the vessel upon which I travel the open seas is a Norwegian Cruiseline boat. I have taken them several times before, this time to glorious Bermuda, and I have yet to be disappointed. Pampered? Yes. Entertained? Yes. Filled with magnificent food? Yes! Disappointed? No.

I particularly like this Bermuda cruise because I don’t have to take a plane to catch the boat. I just took a cab right to the dock, got aboard, and off we sailed. I swear that I could’ve walked to Bermuda faster than this boat was sailing. I’m told that we weren’t traveling any faster than 12mph.  With beautiful skies and calm waters my ship pulled into the Naval Dock in Bermuda where it would remain for the next three days.

Although you do tend to eat a lot when cruising, I managed to only gain two pounds during my entire vacation due to the fact that I took the stairs consistently when traveling to different levels and areas of the ship. This is more daunting, and takes more commitment, than you might think. But, cruising alone has proved to be a wonderful experience. I ate when I wanted, I slept when I wanted, I went onshore when I wanted, and took the steps without anyone else complaining. The only con of cruising alone is the lack of a dancing partner, and I’m not the type to approach strange men when traveling alone on a ship.

When I did take excursions onto land not only was I greeted by beautiful scenery, but fascinating history and people. I spent some time at St.George’s, which no one ever seems to visit when vacation in Bermuda. I watched a reenactment of what it was like for women in the stockades in the early days of Bermuda being a British Colony that made me sick to my stomach. And realized we haven’t gotten far enough as a society when I spoke with a young Indian woman who was in the middle of being arranged into marriage.

After three days of bliss it was time to return. And although my cab driver was rude and wouldn’t help me with my bags, and got into a car accident on our way back, and even though I had major phone and email problems, things, and me, are as calm as the seas I traveled on.

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Naked in a Fishbowl!

Tonight is my Naked in a Fishbowl premiere night!  I’ve been in plays before, my Big Fat Gay Wedding and also singing at the Friar’s club, but in those instances I’ve known what was going to happen, but this is my first improvisational performance.  I know enough about theater to know that you usually have a practice beforehand so you get comfortable with the other actors, so I went yesterday, just 24 hours before the performance!  I was asked this morning by some coworkers if I was nervous, and I told them “out of my skull!”  They asked why I’m doing this, and the reason is when I’m asked to do something like that I almost always automatically say “of course!”  I do really like doing it and I always have fun, but I hate the few hours beforehand and get extremely nervous.  I was even nervous right before the rehearsal.  Going in was a bit intimidating because it was a rehearsal space I had never been to before at the Ripley Grier studios.  They have like 30 rehearsal rooms in there and you have all these different Broadway shows like Billy Elliot and so on rehearsing right there.  Anyway, it turns out the group that I’m rehearsing with consists of five women that have been doing improv together for 5 or 6 years.  They introduced themselves and their character and began to explain to me the improvisational method.

First, you should always respond with yes and to never respond with no.  As they went on, I realized that these aren’t just methods for improvisational theatre, but it’s also good methods for living life too.  At the beginning, you have an unlimited number of choices and once you make these choices, they begin to narrow down, but once you say no to a possibility then the options and choices are done.  For example, if you ask someone to dinner and they say yes, it opens up more possibilities, but the minute you say no you’re done.  Second, you need to commit.  It doesn’t make a difference to what you make your commitment and focus to, but to do it.  Even if it’s to watch a cockroach, if you commit to it you’ll have a different energy that others will want to follow along with and watch.  If you’re indifferent about something, obviously no one will want to watch you because you don’t even care about what you’re doing.  I thought that was an interesting perspective.

They then asked me if I get recognized in public, which I responded that most people recognize my face but they don’t know at first where they know me from.  So we did this exercise where I get trapped in an elevator (which is already one of my fears) and they had this other character recognize me but not know where she knew me from, and this other character recognizes me and decides to unload on me.  It was a lot of fun!  They then followed it up with having me play a drug addicted author who has a melt down on the David Letterman show, which was maybe the most fun I’ve ever had!

But seriously, if you get a chance to do improvisational theatre, it’s so much fun and I actually got to learn a few things that I could relate to daily living as well.  I’m not sure how tonight is going to go, but they do video and podcast the performance on their website, so anyone who can’t make it can still check out the performance by heading over to after the performance.  For those who can make it, head there as well and grab those tickets while you can!

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